About us

RailTie is a new railroad themed Yardgame invented, designed and constructed in MN. 


I had wanted to create a yard game for some time, but had no good ideas.   
In October 2013, I was just finishing a run around Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Running over the railroad track along the Cedar Lake Trail, I stopped.  I saw the tracks, the spikes and knew I had something.

I worked through a freezing MN winter, developing an initial concept out of a small apartment:

2014: Later that summer, I came up with several prototypes, with tons of rule variations.

Summer 2015: I finalized a design that was fun, portable and unique.

On June 12th 2016, the RailTie KickStarter campaign funded (BOOYAH!), and now RailTie has just...begun.
I am beyond thrilled to bring RailTie to your cabin, backyard, lakeside, or wherever your getaway awaits!  RailTie is about Tieing friends, family and the Great Outdoors together.
This is what life's all about. Tie One On.



Scott VanSickle,

Founder of RailTie LLC


Email: scott@railtieyardgame.com

FaceBook: www.facebook.com/RailTie

KickStarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/569428280/railtie-a-new-kind-of-yard-game?ref=nav_search